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Emergency Care

If your child has lost consciousness or has any other injuries, please go directly to the closest emergency room.

If your child is experiencing a true dental emergency, please visit the nearest emergency room.

If no additional injuries are present, please contact our office at 405-513-8811 to address the oral injuries between the hours of 8
am - 5pm.

Time is working against us and must be managed in order to enable us to provide appropriate care for your child.

If a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth and is clean, place it back into the mouth and contact your dentist. If it is dirty, hold it by the top portion and rinse lightly with cool water.

Do not scrape anything off of the tooth!

If it cannot be repositioned, place it in white milk and bring it to your dentist within one hour. Teeth that have been out of the mouth or are dry for greater than one hour have a very small chance of being saved.

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